Selective soldering

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Selective soldering machine NP-350  ALL IN ONE

Selective soldering machine NP-350 ALL IN ONE

 Through –hole soldering flexible—single point,drag,mini-wave or dip soldering

Exceptional accuracy and repeatable with near “zero defect “ soldering joint yields

Programming control and flexibility with computer software

Easy of operations, less handling,small footprint and durable construction

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Main parts:

1. Solder pot nozzle

2. With a 130-micron orifice controlled by micro drop jet flux sprayer ( Made in Germany)

3. Preheating zone with flashing quartz IR preheater.


System Benefits & Features
• Precise, accurate, reliable soldering of through-hole components in mixed boards with previously soldered SMT components;
• Reduce board processing time as compared with hand soldering;
• Reduce direct labor costs, decrease rework costs, increase consistency over hand soldering through-hole components;
• One, all inclusive system - Flux, Preheat, and Solder
• PC software interface for easy on instrument setup, programming and parameter control
• Instrument programming flexibility and control over preheat, temperature, soldering dwell times, location, direction, and more...
• Off-line programming with photos can and Gerber import software for convenient machine setup
• Variety of Nozzles available for flexibility - Wettable and Specialty Nozzles

• Lead-free compatible.






Min.PCB size

L 50mm * W 50mm

Max.PCB size

L 300mm * W 300mm

PCB top side / bottom side clearance

Max.Upper 100mm and bottom 50mm

PCB process edge


Boards handling system


Conveyor system

Chain conveyor

Conveyor heights


Width adjustment

60mm to 460mm

Width adjustment accuracy


Position accuracy above fluxer, preheater,and solder nozzle

± 0.1mm (± 0.004”)

Conveyor direction

Left to right / right to left

Preheating system – Bottom side


Preheating temperature

Max.180°C (PCB surface)

Temperature control accuracy

+/-2°C@3 sigma/Cpk≥1.33


Philips Cesium light, independent control

Fluxing system


Fluxer nozzle

micro drop jet fluxer

Fluxing wet area

Ø2 mm to Ø5mm

flux types

alcohol or water based

Fluxing Controller

automatic level control with capacitive sensor

Selective position method

X-Y Platform

Position speed/ accuracy

Max.400mm/s , +/-0.25mm

Flux tank

3L Stainless Steel & Fittings,including Flux Level Montiorin

Soldering Unit for Soldering Processes


solder pot compatible for lead free soldering


Min. Neighbor Component Clearance*

1.5 - 3mm (0.06” - 0.12”)depending on nozzle type

nitrogen operation


automatic wave height and solder level control


automatic wire solder feeder


wettable and non-wettable quick change nozzles


solder bath temperature


Temperature control accuracy

+/-2°C@3 sigma/Cpk≥1.33

Solder pot capacity

12kg lead free

Wave heights


Solder pot moving speed


Soldering nozzle dimensions

Ø5 to Ø12mm (or customized)

Control system


PCB data import

GERB file, Offline file import, Image program

Programing interface

Windows interface


220 VAC, 1Ø, 15A

Power max.consumption


Max. Fuse Rate


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