2016-02-25 11:55:57

All HB products must be installed by either HB personnel, HB factory trained agents and distributors, or other HB  factory trained third parties in good standing. All HB products must be installed as specified by HB Automation, maintained by qualified service personnel, and operated in accordance with published HB Automation operating procedures.

HB Automation provides world-class service and support to our customers on a global basis.

  1. 24/7 World-Wide Technical Support
  2. Spare Parts
  3. Process and Applications Laboratories in the China and Netherlands
  4. Training in the China and Netherlands
  5. Engineering and Development in China and Netherlands
Customer training is a top priority at HB Automation. We offer complete training programs on all of our products at China and the Netherlands;  We also provide onsite training at customer locations. Our programs are designed to provide your engineers, technicians and machine operators with the knowledge they need to get the best performance out of all of our products.
If you are Interested in attending a training class at HB Automation or arranging a customized session at your plant, contact the appropriate customer service department for your area.