What should we do for the challenge in PCB manufacturing industry?

With the lead-free implementation now behind most of us, today’s concerns in the PCB manufacturing industry are moving in a very exciting direction. Market demands are forcing the OEM and EMS global players to look beyond the soldering process alone in order to optimize the manufacturing process from a total economic efficiency standpoint.
HB Automation is one of the Chinese leading suppliers of quality machines and equipment for the highly competitive PCB manufacturing industry. We have made one of our customers’ main production challenges our own: guaranteeing the highest productivity with the lowest manufacturing cost.

Our flexible system saves you money.

Maintenance and downtime are reduced by means of a continuous process based on an absolutely reliable conveyor, as well as an ingenious mechanical system. The conveyor system has been laid out in accordance with requirements specified for future placement machines, and optional for a maximum width of 610 mm. The patented segmented design allows the rails to release the thermal stress in the oven conveyor system and guaranty the reliability and stable with a special surface treatment which makes it more endurable than any other oven.

Efficient power design and heat management
system greatly improves energy savings while lowering
carbon emissions.
• Power savings of 20 to 25 % due to the 3 phase of
heating technology .
• Special insulation around the body prevents heat loss
• Short warm-up time
• Low power consumption: